Orgonite pendant for "Protection from evil" Oval

Orgonite pendant for "Protection from evil" Oval
Orgonite pendant for "Protection from evil" Oval Orgonite pendant for "Protection from evil" Oval Orgonite pendant for "Protection from evil" Oval Orgonite pendant for "Protection from evil" Oval Orgonite pendant for "Protection from evil" Oval
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This is a nice oval orgonite pendant with the pentacle of solomon embedded on genuine parchment. Contents are gold, silver, kyanite, selenite, copper, quartz crystal and aluminum.

I have for you hear a nice compact orgonite pendant with the pentacle of solomon on genuine parchment that is embedded in a matrix of real 24k gold, %99.9 pure silver, crushed tibetan quartz crystal, crushed blue kyanite, crushed selenite and aluminum. The clasp is made out of copper and is embedded in the orgonite matrix. 

The Pentagram of Solomon amulet protects from all dangers and evil spirits. The Pentagram of Solomon was originally a symbol that King Solomon had upon a magic ring he always wore. He would use this ring to control and entrap demons, genies and evil spirits as well as to speak to animals. 

The Pentagram of Solomon amulet is highly effective and potent protection. It is equally effective when used for protection rituals and spells or to be just be around.

This amulet can also be used to control spirits, however caution should be taken when exercising this practice. 

This amulet can be used to speak with animals telepathically or to help communicate with them in some way. If you are performing a ritual or spell to find or create a bond with a familiar, The Pentagram of Solomon Magical amulet is your best choice.

The Pentagram of Solomon can be used in dark magick and black magick as well. I do not endorse or support any forms of black magick.

Each pendant was exposed to the sounds of sacred geometry as the pieces cured.
Selenite blades will cleanse any negative energies and keep the quartz crystals charged and energized. Selenite is also know for the following as well:
  • Psychic awareness and development
  • Channeling
  • Awareness of past lives
  • Improved concentration
  • Aura Cleansing
  • Acesss to ones personal power
  • Use to clear the chakras of blockages
  • Heal the physical body
  • Balances our relationship with the universe
  • Assists in connecting us with people and all of life
  • Selenite is a stone of mental clarity, enhancing mental flexibility and strengthening decisions, it can also help to clear up mental confusion
  • Removes energy blocks from the physical and etheric bodies
  • Aligns the spine, is good for the skeleton, and decreases epilepsy and seizures
Selenites Chakras: Crown

Blue Kyanite blades are added because kyanite is one of the few healing gems that never need to be cleaned or cleared on a energy level. It is very helpful in aligning all the Chackras and if your direct consciously it can also open the chakras.
Kyanite is also know for the following properties:
  • A tranquilizing and powerful transmitter of high frequency energies.
  • Stimulating psychic abilities and intuition
  • Also know to be a gateway to the spiritual worlds
  • Instills compassion
  • Facilitates the memory of dreams 
  • Enhances the distinction of the subconscious 
  • It is a natural pain reliever, lowers blood pressure and heals infections
  • WILL NOT accumate or retain negative energy or vibrations
  • Kyanite aligns all chakras automatically and immediately, with no conscious direction
  • If directed with the consciousness of the user, it can also open the chakras
  • Conscious direction of the energy can also align the emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, ethereal, astral bodies
  • The energy of Kyanite in unlimited in application, making it one of the very best attunement stones
  • Assists in opening the Third eye for clear vision
Blue Kyanite's Chakras: Third Eye, Throat
SEA SALT - I have included sea salt in this amulet/pendant. This serves multiple purposes. For one sea salt is great at grounding a person. Sea salt has a high vibration which wards off bad energy. Bad/Evil spirits HATE salt!

GOLD METAL - Gold is considered by many cultures to be the master healer, stabilizer, harmonizer, balancer and grounder. It is an excellent mineral for purification of the physical body. Gold works to balances the heart Chakra and amplifies your thought forms. You can use it to open and to activate the third-eye and crown chakras. Gold can clear negativity from the Chakras and the energy fields of the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bodies, while transferring the vitality of any mineral to the affected area. Gold produces an energy which is both cooperative and receptive, allowing for extensive use with other gem stones – it attracts and maintains those qualities which are inherent within the additional stone.

Golds Chakras: Crown, Heart, Third Eye

SILVER METAL - Silver draws out negative energies from the body replacing them with the energy of Divine Light. Silver provides a very strong connection between the physical and astral bodies. It strengthens the "silver cord" which connects the astral body to the physical body. Silver can be used to improve speech and Silver is used extensively with gem stones because it is able to both attract and retain unto itself those qualities that are emitted by the stone. Silver can be used to direct the energy of other minerals to the appropriate location. Silver can draw out negative energies from the body while transferring the positive forces of the other mineral. Facilitates non-judgement, self-approval and permanence in relationships.

This amulet is for personal protection that you can take with you. For a larger more permanent protection piece that protects a larger area take a look at our charging plate with the solomon pentacle protection.

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